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Guide you upon a successful path from an amateur athlete to a College or Professional Player. Our commitment is to help you reach your goals by assisting you with the guidance & education for every level in the hockey world.  Our representation is custom made for the type of player you are and the University Degree you want to obtain.  We will find you the best opportunities for your Hockey and Professional career ambitions.

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Although our primary goal is the advancement of players, we have guys out in the rinks watching players from every level all the time. Therefore, it gives us the opportunity to work on behalf of teams as well, so whether you are a team with limited scouting resources or one that just needs more scouting assistance on both sides of the globe, we’ll be happy to help and work with you.

​​In order to be recruited and accepted into our program, you must fit a certain player profile.  We only select hard-working, committed, and focused players.  For the early stage of their Pro career, we suggest our players to take on-line University classes to obtain a higher academic degree while playing hockey.  If you are between the ages of 18 and 28, share a desire to move on to the next stage of your hockey career, have the drive and determination to succeed, then we'll be there to help you. 

Play Pro Hockey and get your  University Degree from renowned Institutions.  Attend a campus or study online at your rythme!

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​​​​​Get paid to play the game that you love, experience a different lifestyle and complete a higher University Degree.  Most of the leagues feature some of the best fans and atmospheres across the world and the player/fan interaction is second to none. Productive North American players come to Europe and are idolized.  If you’re looking for a new career opportunity across the globe, we will help you get the most out of it!

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free & confidential. Helps us connect you with proper teams

We believe every athlete should have a chance to succeed his own way and we know what it's like to be an average player in this NHL’ers world.  That’s why we only focus on secondary league players or premier league average players that have other objectives than playing in the NHL.  Our Agents, Family Advisors and Partners all around the world go where most of the other agencies don’t want to go and we put our energy at work for players that have fewer options for Professional Hockey.  We help them find the best International entry level Pro League that will allow them to shine and move on to higher levels.  And the focus of our agency is dedicated to help hockey players continue their academic development for a better future professional working career.  We recommend our players to take online University class whether to obtain a certificate, Bachelor or Masters Degree.   We think that athletes who share a dream with passion should all have access to the same services than NHL prospects so let us be your partner to success!