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TRANSCON HOCKEY is a worldwide agency from Quebec, Canada that combines hockey knowledge, International network and playing experience.  We are a young team with dynamic representatives that all played the game at the levels we focus on: NCAA, USPHL, CIS, CHL, CJHL and multiple Premier & Div. 1 leagues in Europe.  Our Directors have strong expertise into financial advisory, business and contract negotiation as well as College admission process.  We have the best team to help you progress as a hockey player and get the most out of your education for a brighter professional future.


Joey Dubé 

​Player Scout / Agent                    USports, QMJHL, LHJAAAQ


​Dorian Auzou
+33 (0)6 70 97 00 95
Director of Europe Operations   ​Europe Coaches Liaison Agent Player Agent / Family Advisor   


Representative positions available  

- Part Time

Canada - Maritimes

Mike Danton

​Player Scout / Agent                          USports-AUS, QMJHL-Maritimes, LNAH 


Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus

Mike Danton

​Player Agent

+ 1.902.497.5024

Canada - Western

Representative positions available  

- Part Time

Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

David Mondt                            

Player Agent       

+ 0211 / 9307 9007

We're recruiting Scouts & Family Advisors for USA - Canada & Europe 

You have a strong hockey background?  You are passionate about the game?  

You are already involved in the hockey world and would like to generate some additional revenus?  

And most importantly, you'd love to help other hockey athletes reach their goals?

​​Contact us & join our team ! 

Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia

Miroslav Simurka

​Player Agent    

+ 43699 171 88033               

​​Marc Morin
Transcon Hockey President      Director of International Operations Player Agent / Family Advisor       Professional Financial Advisor                    ​​​

Canada - Ontario

Representative positions available  

- Part Time

Alex Morin
Director of USA Operations   USA Coaches Liaison Agent   Social Media Coordinator


Dorian Auzou                            

Player Agent / Family Advisor       

+ 33 (0)6 70 97 00 95 


Alex Morin                                          

​Player Scout / Family Advisor                NCAA


Transcon Hockey
​​​Montreal, Qc. CANADA

Connecting International Players with Hockey Teams Worldwide

Our Representatives Worldwide

Yvan Morin
Player Statistics evaluation
Melissa Lepage-Champoux
International Administative​       School Registration Agent             Events Coordinator           

Our Partners

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Italy

Sami Sumkin

​Player Agent         

 + 39 344 2852 144


Marc Morin

​Player Agent / Family Advisor                NCAA, AHL, ECHL, SPHL


JF Jodoin
Europe Coaches Liaison Agent ​Player Scout / Family Advisor

Canada - USA - Europe

Marc Morin

Player Agent / Family Advisor