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free & confidential. Helps us connect you with proper teams

free & confidential. Helps us connect you with proper teams

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Our Family Advisors play an important role in the development of their clients by navigating through the options presented both on and off the ice.  Transcon brings a unique and advantageous way to help hockey players continue their career and lead to a successful life afterward. Our mission is to provide you the necessary tools needed to achieve those goals.  To do so, we will:

- Find a team that matches your style and preferences.

- Help you understand and follow the guidelines that will allow you to       maintain your amateur status before you turn Professional.  

- Provide you the opportunity to enroll in elite educational programs         while pursuing your hockey career.  

- Guide you through the process of living a unique cultural experience.


Metal Ligaen, Div.1

At Transcon Hockey, we make sure to understand and share your goals and expectations. No matter how big a player's salary, we know that it won't last forever so obtaining a higher academic degree will prove invaluable in the long run. Online education has made it easier than ever to finish your coursework and get your degree while playing at a Pro level. We will accompany you with the University admission process and assist you in the negotiation of a Professional hockey contract or a College commitment.    

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Del 2, Oberliga

Our Agents handle all the necessary ground work in order to allow for a smooth and simple process. No matter where in the world you might be playing, we will be right there with you every step of the way. To do so, we will:

- Negociate professional contracts 

- Push for player advancement to higher level leagues 

- Deal with International Visa and Work permit clearance

- Complete online University registration and course advisory

- Facilitate part-time work searching

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